Ideas for Edible Christmas Gifts

I love receiving edible gifts, even more than I love making them. Give me your citrus curd, your fudge, your shortbread – I’ll gratefully use it all up.

If you are stuck for gifts this year or if your budget won’t stretch to that shiny object of desire, fear not – edible gifts are universally loved. It’s amazing how a little care and some lovely packaging from a $2 shop can make everything alright. Start now and package it knowing you’ve got this part of Christmas all sewn up.

What follows is some of my picks for some of the loveliest ideas for edible gifts around.

1. Flavoured Salt

Amanda from Chew Town is a fabulous cook and earlier this year I received some of her awesome Maple Syrup ‘Maplecomb’ for the Sweet Swap, so I know she gives great gifts.

Now she has turned her attention to salt. In this post she gives four terrific examples of how to turn the everyday into the extraordinary. Bacon and Mushroom salt anyone? You’ll need a spice grinder or powerful food processor but the rest is a doddle and the wow-factor is huge.

2. Alfajores

Found throughout South America, these beautiful caramel-filled biscuit sandwiches are traditionally eaten after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. The good news is that if you are not the church-going type there’s nothing to stop you from hoeing into these a lot earlier.

The recipe for these beauties will be posted here tomorrow, giving you plenty of time to make up a couple of batches. You’ll be the most popular friend of all. Just make sure you leave a couple out for Santa.

3. Flavoured Oils

Herb-infused Oil
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If you have some rosemary, new-season basil, lemons, chilli or garlic on hand, you’re half-way to making a beautiful gift that will give months of pleasure. Herb-flavoured oils add immeasurably to salad dressings as well as adding a perceptible note whenever it’s used in cooking. For best results, start this weekend to ensure the oil is full of flavour when it’s handed out at the end of the month.

For full instructions head to this post from The Kitchn.

4. Dulce de Leche

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Image via

A jar of glossy thick caramel can be used for tart fillings, for biscuits, for topping ice cream and pancakes – the list is endless. The easiest way is to make it from condensed milk and this recipe is the easiest. Just make lots of it, put it in pretty jars and tie a small spoon to the side.

5. Passionfruit Curd

Similar to lemon butter, passionfruit curd is to me the flavour of sunshine. As well as topping toast – or pannetone on Christmas morning – it’s marvellous as a filling for your favourite sponge cake.

6. Bacon Jam

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Image via

Niamh from Eat Like A Girl is justifiably famous for this recipe and once you have some, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The original recipe makes about 2 cups of jam, and a little goes a long way, but why stop at a little? As a condiment in a BLT or with breakfast eggs, this is guaranteed to please.

7. Gifts in Jars

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My friend Kiren spotted this earlier in the year and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. There are 37 ideas in this one post – count them –  for gifts you can pack into jars, from pies to pot plants. In amongst them are some fabulous ideas for food gifts, needing nothing more than some pantry staples and a pretty swing tag to label it with.  Some of them are so simple your children will have no trouble at all making a few for friends.

8. Fruit Cordials


If you still have lemons hanging on your backyard tree that need using up, add them to sugar and make some cordial. Even better, package it up with some gin or vodka for the perfect summer tipple.

9. Choc-dipped Biscotti

SONY DSCAn easy adaptation of this recipe is to dip one end of some wafer-thin slices of biscotti into melted dark chocolate before packing them up in a pretty box. Wonderful with a fruit or cheese platter or a coffee, this is the perfect gift for your Nanna (or neighbours, or teacher).

Need some more ideas for edible gifts? Go to last year’s suggestions.

To get to my complete Christmas baking collection, click here – with lots to choose from and more being added every day, it’s worth returning to again and again.

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    1. I’ve had some luck in spice shops or in specialty shops such as delis – Herbies Spices in Rozelle sells them via mail order. Under the circumstances any chilli could be substituted. It’s bacon flavour you want after all, not chilli. x

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