Off My Trolley

Any visitor to Melbourne quickly realises that it is a town of bikes and shopping trolleys. Little Nana trolleys in every colour. The sturdier wire two-tiered ones which are wheeled around Queen Vic and South Melbourne and Preston markets. It’s normalised shopping behaviour. Your don’t have to be an old lady to drag it along.

I am an unrepentant fan of shopping at the markets and it was an act of commitment to my new town when I bought a shopping trolley as soon as possible after moving here.

Mind you it has its share of problems. You have to be a packing ninja to organise heavy food at the bottom, with soft cheese or mushrooms at the top of the pile. You can’t drag too much without it hurting your shoulders. And for someone of my height, I always seem to be bending to get items in or out.

The people at CarryMaster reckon they’ve cracked these problems by building a better shopping trolley. For the last month I’ve been test driving a CarryMaster shopping trolley, pushing it around the markets and coming home with more than double the load. And what a revelation it is.

This design has won awards and it’s not hard to see why. Here’s a short video of the CarryMaster in action.



Isn’t it gorgeous? My shopping times have increased because people have simply stopped and asked me about it. I haven’t turned this many heads since I was in my twenties.

With a little basic assembly (putting on some wheels and a handle bar), the CarryMaster can collapse for easy transportation in the back of your car, or you can walk it to your local shops. It handily navigates potholed pavements, kerbs and getting on and off buses and trains with big rubber wheels. It’s sturdy and won’t fall over once it’s loaded up. And goodness knows I’ve tried. It’s the Four Wheel Drive of shopping trolleys.

The bags are large, sturdy, weather-proof and a new cooler bag insert for meat and deli items is not far away. You simply clip them on, fill them up and remove them for easy carriage into your kitchen at the end of your trip. Too easy.

There’s even a coffee cup holder in the front. Look, they tell you it’s a water bottle holder but this is Melbourne. It’s a coffee holder.

CarryMaster Shopping Trolley

My old shopping trolley, which gave me years of limited service, has been replaced, making it official: I. Am. Off. My. Trolley.

The CarryMaster shopping trolley is valued at $250 BUT the CarryMaster company is offering readers of The $120 Food Challenge a 10% discount. Oh, yes!

Simply head to the CarryMaster website and enter the code SANDRA at the checkout for your discount.


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