See you on the flipside

For some time, hidden carefully away from my readers and my family, my health has taken a bit of a knock.

Things have come to a head, with first my doctor then some specialists giving me a stern talking to. They tell me I need surgery.

Now, not later.

While my prognosis is excellent, recovery is long and will be measured in months, not weeks. Most critically, this surgery is will have a significant impact on my ability to eat. Which is the most cruel thing a food writer can endure,

So, with no means to accurately test recipes I have decided the best thing is to put the blog into hiatus for a while.

I’m very optimistic I’ll make a full recovery. Truthfully, having been so under par for a long time, it’s unlikely I will know just how unwell I’ve been until good health returns. But the thought of a restricted diet is dispiriting. My natural inclination is to hide away from everyone and everything until I feel ready.

While I’m recuperating, there is lots I can do. I have a cookbook to finish. I really, really want to update and give this site a new look and provide lots more easy-to-find material for you to use. There are other writing projects elsewhere that demand my attention.

After a couple of weeks when I’m more comfortable I will be back working behind the scenes and you can continue to chat with me on Twitter and Facebook. I hope you keep in touch.

But in the meantime, take care of each other. I’m not going to return until I’m ready, but I will come back, probably in late Spring/early Summer. Promise.


16 thoughts on “See you on the flipside”

  1. Hope good health returns to you quickly and look forward to reading more of your wonderful recipes in the Summer.

  2. I hope you’re ok Sandra. I found your recipe book at the library last year – such a fantastic resource. This site is a goldmine. Thank you for maintaining it. I cook for my family of 5 and I love the emphasis on cooking real food and minimising waste. I’m working through the recipes and my whole family enjoys them. Thank you again and I hope you are resting and getting the support you need.

  3. Best of luck and prayers for your quick recovery. I want to thank you so much for your wonderful blog – it has made me a better and more efficient cook. God bless and looking forward to seeing you when you’re up and about again on your blog!

  4. Hi Sandra

    Hope you’re recovering well and your cookbook is coming along nicely. This blog is seriously one of the best things that ever happened to me and I’m so grateful it’s still available.

    Best wishes


  5. Would love to read more about your hiatus, and how you are! Maybe it could be the start of a changed blog direction? I miss your writing.

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