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You know who you are. You are the marketing creative who understands digital media. You are the PR firms who love matching great bloggers to quality brands and who understand that good bloggers have a career and brand of their own, not just a vocation. You are the manufacturers who follow me on Twitter. You follow me on Facebook. You are the businesses who say nice things about my food – even promoting some of my recipes on your own pages, you cheeky things –  but who may be unsure sponsorship or promotion on this site. And let’s face it, I haven’t gone out of my way to clear things up. So, allow me to clarify.

I’d like to work with brands and companies identified as a great fit to my own and that meet the needs of my incredibly lovely, loyal and savvy readership. I’d like an honest-to-goodness business partnership with you while we work on creative ways to meet your needs. I’d like to use your products. I’d like to promote the HELL out of them. I’d LOVE to be able to create some fantastic recipes using your appliances, your food, your brand. I’d love it even more if my wonderful readers and community (who have been there since the beginning) get to share your generosity and corporate lurve.

If you are brand specialising in food, local produce, local growers or food associations, household appliances, kitchenware, homewares, cookbooks and magazines or food-related tourism, please don’t be shy.

To get the ball rolling, please fill in the form below, including details of your product and your budget (an approximation is fine). A media kit with info and prices will be sent to you and we can take it from there.

Thanking you in advance,

Sandra xxx

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