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Kids in the Kitchen – Rice Bubble Cookies

With a texture that is part way between a sugar biscuit and a softer rock cake, these are over sized biscuits and under sized cakes. In other words, they are perfect for that mid-afternoon sugar slump.

Children will find these easy to make and their irregular form makes them ideal for little hands or a bit of rough handling. You can also adapt the recipe to include whatever dried fruit you have. Try craisins, dried apricots or mango pieces, even some choc chips. Just make sure the amount of dried fruit equals one cup in volume and is chopped to pieces the size of a sultana.

Custard powder makes a lighter, crisper texture and makes the mixture a rich yellow colour. If you don’t have custard powder, use cornflour but the biscuits will be much paler. Continue reading Kids in the Kitchen – Rice Bubble Cookies

Christmas – Christmas Pudding Cake Pops

Are cake pops the next sensation to follow cupcakes or macarons? Certainly they seem to be very popular at the moment. I’ve seen them everywhere from children’s birthday parties to catered functions including the recent Eat.Drink.Blog  food bloggers’ conference in Adelaide.

Consult your recipes however and the conventional way to make them seems to be that you combine equal parts cake crumbs with melted chocolate and roll the whole thing into a ball, as you would a truffle. Pop it onto a lollypop stick and coat it in icing and decorate to your heart’s content. No wonder they are so versatile.

There are ways to make your own using a standard cake batter but it requires you buy a cake pop maker or specially adapted cake tin. Luckily, Kambrook have come up with a reasonably priced cake pop maker aimed squarely at young children to use and it’s a beauty. Continue reading Christmas – Christmas Pudding Cake Pops

Lunchbox Treats – Cranberry Flapjacks

Flapjacks are to British cooking what chocolate crackles are to Aussie kids – a wonderful childhood memory and one well worth reminding to younger generations.

How easy are they to make? Well in this case, I was ably assisted by Miss 2 (and a half). Some clean hands substituted for a wooden spoon, and one-third was eaten before it was baked, but that’s the great thing about children’s cooking. It’s all about getting stuck in and ignoring the mess as long as you can.

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Kids in the Kitchen – Double Choc Fudge Cookies

Do you like your cookies crispy or fudgey?

I don’t think there can be too many people who would refuse a dense fudge-like dark chocolate cookie-style biscuit, but you can have too much of a good thing. These are incredibly rich, to the point of headache inducing decadence if you have too many, so don’t overdo it – have them in moderation and share them around.

These are terrific for weekend baking, and given much of the country is in a school holiday or long weekend hiatus, this is the perfect lazy day project and great fun for children to make. Enjoy every mouthful.

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Kids in the Kitchen – Mars Bar Cupcakes (And a Great Giveaway!)

Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments and your enthusiasm for this wonderful giveaway. Unfortunately there can only be one winner. Congratulations to young Zachary, age  4 whose name has been selected randomly. An email is on its way to you.

The lovely people at Kambrook gave me – and a hundred other bloggers – a wonderful Angel Cakes cupcake maker last week and I could not wait to try it. Part of their Little Chefs range, it comes with a lovely set of recipes included in the instruction book but I was shocked – shocked I tell you – to see there were no recipes for chocolate cupcakes.

Now really, what is the point of being a kid of you can’t get messy while you’re making cupcakes with melted chocolate? What is the point of having a wonderful cupcake maker if you can’t smear it with chocolatey finger prints? What is the point of even being a kid if you can’t lick the bowl out after you finish cooking?

As you can tell, I’m a great fan of kids getting a bit messy and mucking about in the kitchen. Why? Because you’re having fun. You’re enjoying yourselves so much you might even want to come back and try it again. You might even eat up the lovely food you make (which strangely enough makes your Mum and Dad really pleased).

So – back to chocolate cupcakes. Here is a recipe using Mars bars, which you push down into the cakes so they melt as the cupcakes cook and stay gooey when you bite into them. Yum. If you are feeling very clever you can make a very simple icing using a microwave oven that will make your cakes look like a million dollars. Don’t worry if it seems too tricky to do the icing because the cupcakes are pretty good just as they are.

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Kids in the Kitchen – No-Bake Chocolate Slice

The best tasting food, bar none, is the food of memory. In our memories, tomatoes tasted of the sun, strawberries were bursting with sweet goodness and were always perfectly red, and no-one cooked better than (insert your favourite cook’s name here).

The reality may be somewhat more prosaic. I well remember the entire family gathered in my grandparents house around the table for a splendid birthday party tea. The table, as they say in the classics, was groaning. No one can quite remember who the party was for, but it was almost certainly for me or my sister. I was about four.

I have a perfect scene of said groaning table in my mind, a picture of generosity and abundance.

I have, unfortunately, deleted all memory of what happened next.

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Christmas – Fay’s Coconut Ice

What are the Christmas recipes you are renowned for? In my family, my mother can not walk into a family gathering on Christmas Day unless she is carrying a tray of fudge. A friend of mine makes deadly adults-only rum balls. My mother-in-law Fay makes coconut ice.

Perhaps more than at any other time of the year, this is the season for bringing out those treats we only EVER would consider eating once a year. Coconut Ice. White Christmas. Fudge. Marzipan Fruits. That bottle of homemade Baileys/slivovica/Grappa. Sometimes it’s a bit twee and we only ever eat it because we’re told that it’s always done it this way and to do otherwise would invite excommunication from your family.

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Kids in the Kitchen – Jammie Dodgers

Jam (or Jammie) Dodgers are a uniquely British biscuit but there are Australian equivalents such as the jam drops featured here. This is more of a short biscuit, with almond meal providing a fine and crumbly texture. The dough becomes very soft when you work with it, so you have to take care when moving the cut-out dough circles to a baking sheet, but the effort is worth it.

With school holidays now in full swing and the spring weather still unpredictable, this is the ideal recipe to get your children into the kitchen during rainy weather. I just can’t guarantee there will be any left by dinner time.

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Kids in the Kitchen – Chewy Toffee

They reached Moon-Face’s house. He and Silky were setting out cups and saucers and plates ready for all the goodies that Saucepan was going to bring back. Silky handed a bag round. “Have a Toffee Shock?” she said.

– Enid Blyton, The Magic Faraway Tree

Long before children read about butter beer and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans,  their parents – well, some parents at least – grew up wondering what on earth a Toffee Shock or a Pop Tart or a Google Bun could taste like.

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Breakfast – Cinnamon Pikelets with Apple and Caramel Sauce

Mother’s Day always presents an unspoken problem – how to keep a straight face when presented with cold cups of tea and toast with a centimetre-thick slab of Vegemite smeared across it.

Much as we appreciate the effort, there’s something quite martyr-like about the manner in which we must choke down our breakfast in bed all while making appreciative noises. Three spoonfuls of sugar in our tea? Why thank you darling, it’s delicious.

Unless you have very small tackers helping in the kitchen tomorrow morning, most children should be able to make these pikelets without too much trouble, especially if you have an electric frypan at hand. Continue reading Breakfast – Cinnamon Pikelets with Apple and Caramel Sauce