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Ms Reynolds Regrets …

Despite the fact that I have had regular bouts of depression over the last thirty years, or perhaps because of  it, you would think I would see it coming, or at least use a far greater self-awareness borne out of eternal vigilance and get me some help at the first sign of trouble.

But of course, that’s the nature of depression. Like the Devil himself, it approaches not by stealth but in plain sight and simply sidles up and whispers sweet nothings in your ear, like a familiar lover you know will be no good for you.

And the single, most compelling and most alluring thing Depression says is, ‘Who, me? Not this time. It’s just a small bit of the blues, it will go by the end of the week. Here, have this chocolate. No? Take a lover. Not enough? Be strong, darling. You are always the great survivor. No, not this time? Alright then, come, come sit by me. Let us talk long into the night. Unburden yourself.’

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And the Winner of the SmartPhone Survey Is …

school fundraising ideas

Thank you to everyone who took part in the SmartPhone App survey over the last month. The winner of the prize pack including a copy of Stephanie Alexander’s “The Cook’s Companion” is Jess McLean of Leichhardt, NSW. Jess, you have mail.

Congratulations to Jess and thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

Help Me to Win a New Ford Territory For a Year and $5,000

Thank You, Driver.

Since October last year I have been without a car. Unable to afford to register it or to get it road-worthy after an epic engine hissy fit, I surrendered the plates and had it towed away. Since that time I have used public transport, caught taxis in the rain or walked a lot, usually without too much inconvenience. A couple of times earlier in the year a friend lent me her car which was a lifesaver of frantic errands and long held-over catch-ups with distant friends and most enjoyably, the chance to take the dogs to a local beach and get us all out on the sand again.

But most of the time I’ve been carless and I’ve missed it more than any other deprivation of the last frugal year. Public transport around these parts is steady rather than plentiful, with buses leading to a distant train line to Sydney. The buses are filled with noisy school children, or elderly folks who all say, “Thank you, Driver” as they leave the bus, or people like me who stare into the middle distance, lost in their own thoughts.

When the event has really demanded it, I’ve asked friends directly for help to ferry me around. I hate asking for help, mostly because to do so requires a friend to go out of their way. In recent days, two people have more than gone out of their way to help me with such gifts of transport, one a friend and one a complete stranger, whose single act of kindness has left an indelible mark on my life.

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Best Buys – 2-4 October

Is it really the October Long Weekend already? Where has the year gone?  The slow-cookers have been replaced by Christmas displays and singing Christmas cards. Osso bucco is out – sirloin steak is in. The cheapest vegetable this week is broad beans, and cauliflowers and swedes are some of the most expensive. The seasons have turned and turned about and here we are, fetched up in the first weekend of Australian Summer Time.

Enjoy the long weekend, I hope your team (MY team) wins and don’t forget to turn your clocks forward on Sunday morning.

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Day 1 – Cajun Fish Tacos

While the idea of Cajun spice mixed with Mexican tacos seems a tad confused, there’s no denying how delicious these fish tacos are. You can buy ready-made Cajun spice mix if you want, or you can make your own from the recipe below. This does make a fiery spice mix, do you can always tone it down by halving the amount first. Serve the tacos with a coriander-flecked coleslaw or add some Pico de Gallo, a tomato and coriander salsa, for a change.

Makes 8 tacos


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In Season – Asparagus with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce

Tell me, how often do you eat fresh asparagus? Once or twice a month?

I ask because over the last ten years or so, it’s become commonplace to see bunches of asparagus available throughout the year, a terrible situation given that locally grown asparagus only has a three-month season. For the rest of the year, asparagus is flown in from Peru and Mexico, a 24 hour journey that dehydrates the vegetable and diminishes the flavour. Let’s not even start about the carbon footprint for year-round asparagus. On so many levels, it makes no sense at all, especially when asparagus brings in Spring with an unequivocal flourish. It is without doubt my favourite vegetable of the year. Continue reading In Season – Asparagus with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce

Day 1 – Potato and Yellow Pea Soup

Now that the warmer weather is around the corner, a strange thing is happening in supermarkets around the country – the end of season sales are on. You won’t see any grand signage of course, but if you have a closer look, you’ll see dried pulses and beans – classic slow-cooked food – on sale, while barbecue meat and heat beads are being heavily promoted. Time then, to take advantage and stock up on pantry items.

Yellow peas are a soup staple, but pair very well with potatoes and of course, the addition of bacon adds immeasurably to the final results. eat it now, while the nights are still cool.

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