Cooking Guide to Christmas Brunch

two days to go

  • Mango Bellinis: Make mango puree, chill in airtight container

one day to go

  • Fruit Bruschetta: Make lemon ricotta mixture and set aside, chill
  • French Toast: Make stewed berry compote and set chill in fridge, ready to serve
  • Florentine Cups: Bake as directed, do not remove from cooking trays, cover, then refrigerate
  • Nectarine Frangipane Tart: make as directed, store in airtight container

four hours to go

  • Mango Bellinis: Chill champagne
  • Watermelon Strawberry salad: Cut up and de-seed watermelon, store in fridge.

two hours to go

  • Green Eggs: Make up to point of baking. Store, covered, in fridge

one hour to go

  • Watermelon strawberry salad: wash and hull strawberries
  • Eggs Benedict: Make hollandaise sauce, chill

30 minutes before meal

  • Watermelon, Strawberry Salad: Toss salad together, keep chilled until ready to serve
  • Nectarine Frangipane Tart: Reheat in oven for 15 minutes only, serve
  • Fruit Bruschetta: Start toasting bread, keep warm if possible
  • French Toast:Whip up egg mixture, set aside

15 minutes before meal

  • Mango Bellinis: Serve when guests arrive
  • Florentine Cups: Re-heat in baking trays, covered in foil, for ten minutes only. Serve at once.
  • Panettone French Toast: Soak bread in egg mixture, cook as directed, serve
  • Fruit Bruschetta: Serve on platters, let everyone help themselves
  • Green Eggs: Bake as directed
  • Eggs Benedict: Make as directed


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