Your Eight-week Plan to Christmas

Christmas doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how many of us would wish for it. Most of us with real lives need time to get things done – never do we need more time than the lead up to Christmas.

Here is an eight week guide to getting the biggest tasks out of the way, so that you don’t tear your hair out or forget vital components. Click on the highlighted posts for a full breakdown

Eight Weeks to Go

Now is the time to


  • set a budget
  • fill in your diary and co-ordinate your schedule.
  • Also on your to-do list: update addresses from the year and
  • start making some present lists

If you’re in a baking mood, some recipes do better the longer they rest,so here are links to some of your favourites
Christmas Puddings

Fruit Cakes

Fruit Mince and

the odd tipple.

Go HERE for more info.

Seven Weeks to Go

Now is the time to:

  • Set a budget for children’s presents
  • make a list of everyone you’ll be buying for and their presents
  • Start a lay-by account for major purchases
  • De-clutter and donate good toys and clothes to your favourite charity

For further information, go HERE

Six Weeks to Go

HandwrittenLetter1Now is the time to:

  • Write your Christmas cards
  • Buy presents for those overseas or in the military
  • Write some letters to loved ones

Go HERE for more info

Five Weeks to Go

Now is the time to:

  • Decide who you will be inviting
  • Decide what the menu will be
  • Make plans for delegating food and work to others
  • Make plans for an alternative celebration if a big gathering on Christmas day is just not do-able.

For more information, go HERE

Four Weeks to Go

4weekstogoChristmasNow is the time to:

  • Check christmas lights and dust off the decorations
  • Trim the Christmas tree
  • Have your children write their letters to Santa while the adults write out their gift suggestions
  • Send your christmas cards

Go HERE for more detailed information

Three Weeks to Go

Now is the time to:

  • Compile your list of presents for the adults in your life – using their gift suggestions and wish lists
  • Prepare the furniture and equipment needed – gas bottles, outdoor settings, extra chairs and so on
  • Send your presents to loved ones living in regional and remote areas of Australia
  • Set aside an evening for present wrapping

Also, christmas baking gets into full swing. For gift ideas that won’t break your bank, go HERE

Go HERE for further information

Two Weeks to Go

Now is the time to:

  • Set aside an evening for  drinks with friends and neighbours
  • Take the children to see some Christmas lights in your neighbourhood
  • Wrap and stash away as many children’s gifts as possible before the end of school
  • Continue baking your christmas gifts and treats for teachers and group leaders (such as sports coaches)

One Week to Go

  • Go food shopping as much in advance as you can to avoid as many crowds as possible
  • Prepare as much big day food as you can in advance and store in fridges and freezers
  • Take a well-earned night or two off to enjoy some carols or some last-minute quiet time
  • ‘Tis the season – ENJOY!

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