“To begin with, the idea of feeding your family on a small budget can seem impossible. Food prices are rapidly escalating, your children’s appetites are growing faster than their shoe sizes, and money has never been tighter”

Following the huge popularity of the website of the same name, The $120 Food Challenge is the first cookbook by Sandra Reynolds. Packed full of tried-and-tested budgeting tips, menu planning, advice to keep your shopping manageable and stress-free and old-fashioned kitchen wisdom, this book has more than 100 family friendly and mouth-watering recipes.

The perfect cookbook for single and low income families, students, children just leaving home, housewarming gifts and baby shower presents and for anyone who wants flair and variety in their food for a lot less money.

RRP $29.95

Available from all good bookshops

and online through Booktopia and Bookworld

What they said …

“Awesome”  – John Birmingham

“The recipes are surprisingly, well, classy! … The $120 Food Challenge is a great way to put dollars back in your wallet and lots of sense in your head.”  – Best Recipes

“There are some cracking recipes in here, simple recipes, and best of all, they’re healthy” – Adrian Richardson, Head Chef, La Luna and co-presenter on Channel Ten’s Good Chef/Bad Chef

“Take the Challenge – you’ll be amazed” – New Idea

29 thoughts on “Cookbook”

  1. Any chance of an ebook release? I’m an Aussie n Japan, not keen to be shipping lots of books around the globe with me.

    1. At this stage there is nothing planned, but these decisions change very quickly. I’ll ceertainly forward your request – which has been echoed by many others – to Viking Penguin. Thank you. x

  2. I crawled out of my sick bed the other day just to go and get hold of this book. I’ve been anticipating its release. Can’t wait to get the energy going to make something from it! So exciting.

  3. Hi Sandra, just moved to Melbourne, and bought the cookbook. Love it, and am already trying out your recipes with home grown vegetables and fresh market produce.

  4. Hi Sandra,
    I bought it and love it. Great recipes, I love it, will buy some more books to take with me when I go visit my family in France and Luxembourg (for those who understand English of course).
    Thank you so much for letting us know about the book.
    Thanks to you I feel such a more confident cook.
    Wish you sell loads of them.

  5. I haven’t brought the book but I want to thank you for this wonderful site and the gorgeous recipes! You have no idea what you have done for me and my family. We have been tight and had real bad luck but this site with its great advice and cheap recipes have kept my family well fed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  6. I’m definitely going to be looking out for this tomorrow when I go shopping! I’m hoping there’s some allergy friendly recipes in here..

  7. Been trying to look for your book at big w. been to 2 and they don’t stock your book. Know where I cam get it in Newcastle new?

  8. Just heard an interview with you on the radio, as a professional chef I think what you are speaking about is fantastic ! Is definately informative and useful for everyone to have resources and support to manage their kitchens and finances!!
    I have had training in menu planning/cost control which I use in my work life, but am terrible in applying to my home budgeting etc.. Went straight online to look for a downloadable version.. Any chance there will be one soon??

    1. I’m working on the development of a monthly newletter which will feature menu plans and suggested recipes and meal ideas, At this stage it will get started in about three months. Stay tuned, and thank you for your very kind comments.x

  9. I honestly think you’re amazing. So many people who benefited from you website and the life affirming camaraderie that comes from knowing that living a decent life on a budget is possible and can be healthy and enjoyable. congratulations on having the book published, you deserve success in spades

  10. After following your blog for AGES I have finally saved enough money to buy your book from Booktopia and it should be arriving any day now. So excited 🙂

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