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Breakfast – Spinach, Bacon and Bocconcini Frittata

A fridge raid at the end of the week can sometimes provide wonderful results provided you feel confident about your ability to use the leftovers in your next few dishes.

The key to success for me lies in knowing what flavours complement each other. While I had capsicum, spinach, bacon and bocconcini that all needed using up, I wasn’t so sure of the result. After all, I knew that while bacon goes very well with spinach, I wasn’t so sure it wouldn’t be too bossy for lightly flavoured bocconcini.

As it turns out, this is a wonderful big-flavoured meal, perfect for breakfast alongside some toast or roasted tomatoes. It doesn’t need a lot more given it’s bang full of flavour notes with no one ingredient out-doing the other. The last thing one needs at a leisurely breakfast is a heated argument between competing personalities. Continue reading Breakfast – Spinach, Bacon and Bocconcini Frittata

Christmas – Insalata Caprese ‘Pops’

How cute are these stylish and oh-so-simple nibbles?

With the party season well underway, you could be forgiven to resorting to the same-old same-old when asked to bring a plate. Then again, why bother with creamy dips and stodgy crackers when these are packed with flavour and not likely to spoil your appetite?

Even better, your children will love them.

I made these with wonderful Sweet Solantoâ„¢ tomatoes from Perfection Fresh and teeny-tiny cherry bocconcini. Small is best here – go for small basil leaves as well, or tear some up to size. Because this is such a simple dish it is essential to get the freshest ripest tomatoes you can find. Bring them to room temperature for optimum flavour. Continue reading Christmas – Insalata Caprese ‘Pops’