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Desserts – Quick Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding

Hungry days are the most nostalgic. Perhaps my stomach connects to my heart via memory, but it always seems to be the food of memory that tastes the best. Strawberries don’t taste as sweet as those I pilfered in my father’s garden when I was little. They don’t grow tomatoes that taste they way they once did.

And so it goes.

Thank goodness they haven’t messed around too much with the taste of Golden Syrup. Continue reading Desserts – Quick Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding

Dessert – White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

It was my mother who prompted me to make this cheesecake, or rather, the prospect of my mother coming to stay. She doesn’t have much of an appetite and left to her own devices will opt not to have a dessert. Perversely, this only makes me want to bake a delicious treat to prove her wrong.  Continue reading Dessert – White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

Christmas – Berry Clafoutis

This is the dessert for the $50 Christmas lunch for four.

Click here for the full menu plus step-by-step guides.

If you stick to traditional Christmas desserts, it’s likely you will spend a lot to get something worthy of a special occasion, so when thinking of a terrific but budget-priced dessert for this menu I went with something a lot less traditional.

Continue reading Christmas – Berry Clafoutis

Dessert – Quince Crostada

Quince are related to the apple and pear family and the only reason they are not as well known as their cousins is their plug-ugly looks. They are hard, lumpen, as big as a baby’s head, furry. No wonder novices walk straight past them, despite their cheap price, having no clue what they are or what they taste like. Continue reading Dessert – Quince Crostada

Dessert – Peach and Coconut Cobbler

Coconut is one of those ingredients I always have in the pantry and yet, in culinary terms, I run hot and cold on it. Often it will sit there undisturbed for months, then I get a yen for it and before I know it, I will have used it in two or three recipes within the space of a week.

I’m going through a coconut time at the moment.

I have a tin of coconut cream in the pantry, which I’ll use in another dessert recipe in the next week or two – you have been warned – but for now, my mission is to add some flaked coconut with a half-used jar of breakfast fruit which is sitting in the fridge. Continue reading Dessert – Peach and Coconut Cobbler

Share your best recipe to win a $1000 dining experience (Sponsored Post)

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The worthy recipients who each stand to gain a $1million donation from this year’s eftpos Giveback are The Cancer Council and Diabetes Australia. Both charities plan to spend their windfall on awesome projects. To find out more, go to this page. Continue reading Share your best recipe to win a $1000 dining experience (Sponsored Post)

Desserts – Coconut Pannacotta with Poached Cherries

This is so blissfully easy and ridiculously inexpensive this time of year I wonder why I haven’t thought of it before. As it was, it took the suggestion of a friend to spur me into action. Would I be so kind as to bring a dessert round as my contribution to an early Christmas lunch? Something with vanilla in it? Or coconut?

So I made this.

With standard supermarket ingredients you could almost get away with using generic or no-name products, but the one thing you can’t skimp on is good gelatine to help set the pannacottas. If possible DO try to use gelatine leaves. They are harder to get in some areas than others.

Gelatine powder is a good substitute but it does make the pannacotta set at a firmer consistency. The thing about pannacotta is that it should be feathery light, so wobbly as to threaten to collapse at any moment. That’s what makes it such a delectable dessert. That and the fact that it’s crowned with perfectly poached ripe cherries of course.

Consider this as an alternative dessert during next week’s feast days. You could do a lot worse.

Continue reading Desserts – Coconut Pannacotta with Poached Cherries

Dessert – White Chocolate and Strawberry Tart

A special occasion demands a special dessert. Otherwise what else is there? Yet another Vienetta?

A month ago, on a cold Saturday in the middle of a park I got a phone call from a friend inviting me to Sydney the following weekend. The planets aligned – I already had plans to be in Sydney the previous day – it was a simple enough arrangement to change my flights home.

The occasion was a flash-mob pop-up picnic called Diner en Blanc – Diners in White – for the Sydney CRAVE festival. The plan: Bring your own picnic, tables, chairs and everything you need to create a beautiful table setting, then join in with 1500 other diners, who are all dressed in white.

It was easy enough to come up with this dessert, a fitting finale to a wonderful evening – harder was to find some white clothing in black-clad Fitzroy. Nevertheless I managed to put together an outfit without channeling Miss Havisham.

This dessert used white chocolate as the centrepiece, a suitable ingredient given the evening’s theme. It was served with crème fraîche and sugared mint leaves and I’ve included them in the recipe if you want to go to the effort – they add a lovely counterpoint to the sweetness of the strawberries. This makes six individual tarts or a larger one that would not be out of place on your Christmas table – it’s elegant and carries festive colours magnificently. Continue reading Dessert – White Chocolate and Strawberry Tart

Day 12 – Lion’s Carrot Soufflé

He was from the frozen north, on the edge of the Great Lakes. I lived in NSW. We met in an online forum, talked, argued and flirted our way through 1500 emails, then we took a deep breath and met. In Paris.

Months later, he packed up, moved continents and together we set up a new life. In the homesick weeks that followed, his sister sent me this recipe, told me it was one of his favourites as I attempted my first Thanksgiving Dinner.

While meals like this one soothed the way, some things could not be glossed over. The unpreparedness for a new life so far from the familiar, together with dislocation and upheaval and the cathartic blend of a noisy house inhabited by a too-tight family in too-bright sunshine was too much. Much too much.

There were not enough quiet Sunday mornings of respite to steer us away from our spectacular implosion.

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Desserts – Slow Cooked Rice Pudding

We all love our slow cookers in The Challenge community but sometimes we forget that slow cooking can be utilised across a number of areas. There are people who swear they are the very best way to make porridge; others make jam.

And then there’s dessert.

The lovely Carol Duncan from ABC 1233 Newcastle called me and we chatted about using slow cookers and it was her enquiry that prompted this recipe. It is possible to make desserts, but you have to understand a little kitchen science to make it work well. Anything baked may have to be reserved for a conventional oven, where convected heat is a necessity, but certainly you can stew fruit, make eggy custards, bread and butter puddings, even silky cheesecakes.

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