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Day 13 – Spinach and Fetta Rolls

 Blame my son. He turned up in Melbourne recently with his girlfriend and after introductions were made – and a soothing cup of tea to ease my acute nerves – he gently told me both of them were vegetarian. To which my response was, ‘Yes, and?’

I think we can safely say I have that side of things covered off.  And while I didn’t bat an eyelid, it was a good excuse as any to make a round of these rolls on what turned out to be the first really cold day of the year.  Continue reading Day 13 – Spinach and Fetta Rolls

Day 9 – Mediterranean Quinoa 'Risotto'

To my mind, and palate, there is something all meat-free meals should have: Umami. Difficult to define, umami is the earthy, full-flavoured mouth-feel that gives depth and a subtle oiliness to one’s palate – and yet it doesn’t contain oil at all. Mushrooms are packed full of umami, which has been best described as food with a pleasing brothy flavour. It goes a great way to explain why we always feel full after eating mushrooms. Quinoa also has umami – it’s somehow meaty, even though it’s a seed. Continue reading Day 9 – Mediterranean Quinoa 'Risotto'

Day 13 – Celery and Fetta Soup

I’ve had a recipe for braised celery given to me by my former mother-in-law for the longest time and for far more than the most obvious reason – taste – have never sought to try it out. Which brings me to a question for you all: How many reasons do you need to NOT try a recipe?

Do you not try a recipe because it doesn’t have an accompanying photo? Because it sounds horrible? The main ingredient doesn’t immediately appeal? If you have never outgrown your preschool aversion to the different or unusual, you could be forgiven for making food choices based on the more obvious deficiencies.

But what if the recipe was given to you by someone you don’t especially like? What if, without getting too specific, the recipe seems weird, odd, out of season or just deeply unattractive? Is it the taste or the texture you don’t like? What about the colour? If it’s green, does it appeal as much as something that is berry coloured? Continue reading Day 13 – Celery and Fetta Soup

Breakfast – Smashed Avocado and Salmon Bruschetta

Bernard Salt is a professional number cruncher. His idea of a great time involves a sharp pencil and a copy of the latest census results. Not knowing the first thing about the man, I can nonetheless confidently tell you that his Happy Place involves statistics. He produces facts about who we are, what we do, where we live and what we’re thinking. When he’s not reporting on prevailing social trends with the gimlet eye of an statistician he’s railing against bad manners in his self-described Society of Normal People on Facebook.

I am quite a fan. Or at least, I was, until the day he described my suburb in less than flattering terms, beginning with, ‘Help! Please help me. I can’t get out.’  Apparently I am perpetuating the myth of inner-city living, by a) living within 7 kms of the CBD, b) preferring public transport to cars and horror of horrors, c) eating anything that begins with ‘smashed avocado’.

Continue reading Breakfast – Smashed Avocado and Salmon Bruschetta

Day 4 – Emma’s Chicken, Tomato and Fetta Bake

Back in March, Emma sent in this wonderful recipe to help celebrate the blog’s first anniversary and I promptly forgot all about it.

This is such a fantastic meal that I should have posted it far earlier and shared it with you all sooner.  A mixture of tomato, chicken, lemon and fetta, this is the perfect mid-week meal. You don’t have to be too careful, you can throw it all into one dish, it tastes fantastic no matter how limited your skills are and it’s guaranteed to be a popular addition to your family’s favourite meals.

It’s a big call I know, but this is worthy of the hype.

Continue reading Day 4 – Emma’s Chicken, Tomato and Fetta Bake

In Season – Watermelon, Fetta and Strawberry Salad

Back in my student days, there was no better indicator that this was a party that would go OFF, than to walk into a share house and see a half watermelon plonked on the table, stoically soaking in all manner of booze. A bottle of vodka was always poured into the fruit, which miraculously always seemed to soak up the booze and retain it ready to burst into your mouth, rather than dribble all over the table. This was the vodka jellies of the 1980s, a happy and chaotic mix of food and booze, as only students can come up with.

Needless to say, watermelon is a very accommodating fruit.

Continue reading In Season – Watermelon, Fetta and Strawberry Salad

Day 5 – Greek Salad

Almost without fail, this salad is guaranteed to make the most pious foodie a hypocrite. Try as they may to turn their back on this seriously un-cool salad, there’s no denying it: It’s bloody delicious and people tend to fall all over it whenever it’s placed on the table.

Perfect on its own, it’s never better than when picked at on a hot day. In this odd season of rainy weather, it also does duty as a wonderful side dish or light lunch. I don’t generally include lettuce, but if you want to pad it out, some washed and crisped cos lettuce would be suitable. I do however use fennel as a substitute for cucumber, especially in autumn months when fennel comes into season but the days are still warm.

Serves 4

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Breakfast – Gozleme

From football stadiums to neighbourhood farmer’s markets to the Royal Easter Show, this is one of the best stall-food in this country and increasing in popularity as people discover how beautiful, fresh and tasty this Turkish street food is.

You can fill this with lamb and fetta, but I love it best with silverbeet and fetta, eaten piping hot with a large slurp of lemon juice over the top. You can make the bread dough in your breadmaker and you can also use a flat-iron sandwich press to make the sandwiches for a late morning brunch, but the best way by far is to cook them over a hot barbecue plate. Continue reading Breakfast – Gozleme

Day 5 – Spinach and Fetta Rolls

Spinach and fetta rolls are a popular alternative to sausage rolls and very useful for taking advantage of cheap spinach I bought earlier in the week and some fetta that needed using up. You can have these warm or cold, for dinner with vegies or in a lunchbox the next day. They are perfect, portable and filling.

Makes 6 large rolls

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