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Day 2 – Chicken and Ruby Grapefruit Salad

One of the great things about illness is that it concentrates both mind and body towards healing. It forces you to do its bidding.

While in hiatus I couldn’t, no matter how much I wanted to, avoid the need for an afternoon nap. After a week or two of thinking I was giving into premature old age, I gave in and surrendered to deep and dreamless sleep, a throw rug pulled up over me, waking in time for dinner. By which time I would be ravenous.

i craved certain foods. I was mad for dark chocolate, strawberries, eggs, but only cooked as simply as possible, not fried; I wanted ginger, a sprinkle of salt across everything (prompting me one afternoon to make the salted caramel in the previous recipe) and a salad with every evening meal. Most days I ate bananas.

Then I went shopping and stopped short in front of a huge display of ruby grapefruit and on impulse I bought two. Ordinarily, I hate grapefruit. Now, I wanted to add them to that evening salad. Continue reading Day 2 РChicken and Ruby Grapefruit Salad

Basics – Cordial

I don’t drink soft drink and would be hard pressed to tell you the last time I had anything other than tonic or sparkling mineral water, but goodness I enjoy a good old-fashioned cordial, especially in the warmer months.

And by old-fashioned, I mean just that: Not for me the garish red food colouring and array of additives that go into a jar of lolly water. I want natural colouring, simple techniques, tried and tested recipes. If that means a bottle of home-made cordial lasts a month at best in the fridge rather than six months on a shelf, I don’t mind. At least I know exactly what’s gone into it. Even better, I can add it to a range of beverages for a decidedly grown up summer drink. Can’t do that with lolly water.

Now, this being a recipe basic, I’m sticking with the flavour I most enjoy – Lemon. There are endless variations of course, mainly relying on citrus fruit or fruits with a lot of natural pectin, such as berries. I plan to play with some more recipes as the summer progresses and other fruits come into season, but for now let’s stick with the basics – grab some lemons, buy a few limes if you are not lucky enough to have them growing in your garden and head to your supermarket to buy a couple of odd sounding products – tartaric acid and citric acid. Trust me they are there.

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