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Day 14 – Cabbage and Bacon Soup

It began with the best of plans: To cook some corned beef and ease my cravings for this most familiar of comfort foods.

Inevitably, I had leftovers.

The first day I made a wonderful Corned Beef Hash, because that’s my go-to leftovers meal and I always believe it tastes even better than the original. Of course it does. But while I spent pleasurable hours over the following week consuming a 1kg cut of corned beef  – and you will get a Turkish-inspired meal idea for it in the next few days – I was faced with the challenge of getting through a large under-utilised wedge of cabbage. Continue reading Day 14 – Cabbage and Bacon Soup

Day 1 – Irish Stew for St Patrick’s Day

At the risk of offending a friend of mine who recently posted a picture of mashed potatoes tinged a ludicrous bright green, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I think it a great offence to Ireland to put green food colouring anywhere near a meal at this time of year. To put it in stout is a crime against humanity.

Why on earth would anyone think it a good way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

If you want to spend time researching your family history in the hope it leads you back to County Galway, or if you want to play The Pogues loud and with feeling (much more enjoyable in my book), or if you absolutely must head to an Irish-themed pub (as opposed to an Irish pub), then I sincerely hope you stop the malarkey and stick to the most authentic food you can find to accompany the proceedings.

Continue reading Day 1 – Irish Stew for St Patrick’s Day