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Day 11 – Savoury Bread Pudding

There are two types of bread in this world. There is the sort that gets stale. And then there’s the sort that goes mouldy.

You can do a lot of things with stale bread. In fact it’s something to be desired, as any devotee of bread and butter pudding will tell you. Or you can make croutons, bread sauce, a garlicky skordalia to have with vegie sticks or crackers and that’s all before you make breadcrumbs. Continue reading Day 11 – Savoury Bread Pudding

Old Favourites, With a Twist (Sponsored Post)

You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty special when a product celebrates a centenary. As with anyone celebrating a 100th birthday, it’s natural to ask the secret to their longevity.

So while someone might attribute it to excellent genes and not being a smoker, for a product we look at something else.

Pyrex is celebrating 100 years in 2015 and it’s easy to see why it’s lasted so well and so long. Pyrex estimates that in that time more than 75 million measuring jugs have sold worldwide! (Which makes me think that a lot of YOU might have one, yes?) But of course there’s far more to the range of trusty oven-to-table kitchenware we all know and love. Continue reading Old Favourites, With a Twist (Sponsored Post)

Day 3 – Leftover Lamb Tagine

A leg of lamb is such a luxury for most budget-minded households that it can take a lot to convince people to lash out and buy it. The best way to make the most of the extravagance is to use up every last skerrick of meat in as many ways as possible.

Thrifty home cooks have always known this of course, but still, it takes a lot to convince others that last night’s leftovers are worth eating again. We can be such wusses. Continue reading Day 3 – Leftover Lamb Tagine

Day 2 – Beef Miraton

Remember that beef pot roast from a few days ago? Of course you do. I was reminded of it every time I opened the fridge, presented as I was with the sight of half a kilo of uneaten roast beef and the option of creating yet another meal of leftovers. Joy.

Leftovers is a wonderful idea but eating the same old thing can lose its appeal – fast. The key to re-appropriating leftovers is creativity and a certain inventiveness or panache that makes the meal even better than the original night you ate it.  And of course, when it comes to kitchen panache – in the middle of the week, with screaming children and a busy schedule –  we all have that in spades, don’t we? Hmmm?

Continue reading Day 2 – Beef Miraton

Leftover Lottery – Beef and Potato Hash

Ahhh, leftovers. We’ve had a recent conversation around these parts about ideas for using up leftovers and the recent recipe for Pot Roast Beef seems a perfect place to begin. The addition of potatoes makes for a perfect supper dish and the prospect of constructing it all in one pot in under 15 minutes suddenly elevates leftovers into a very desirable and, dare I say it, a really sexy, meal.

A potato and beef hash is a perfect arrangement. I love it with a fried egg on top, the soft yolk running through the hash makes it all the more velvety. While this is never going to feature on a restaurant menu, you can bet your life that chefs would happily make this as a staff dinner without a second thought.

Which, when you think about it, is the best recommendation of all. Continue reading Leftover Lottery – Beef and Potato Hash

Day 12 – Creamy Salmon Popovers

Popovers are popular in the US where they are used as vessels to carry all sorts of delicious food into your mouth. You may never have heard of popovers before, however you’ve probably heard of Yorkshire Puddings. They are one and the same. Continue reading Day 12 – Creamy Salmon Popovers

Dessert – Orange and Maple Syrup Bread and Butter Pudding

From a basic and much-loved recipe comes a thousand interpretations.

In this case, new season Valencia oranges, some dried apricots and maple syrup in place of sugar add a full-bodied flavour without cloying sweetness to stale day-old bread. It’s thrifty cooking at it’s finest.

Continue reading Dessert – Orange and Maple Syrup Bread and Butter Pudding

Leftover Lottery – Reader Suggestions for Christmas Leftovers

A while ago on our Facebook page, I asked for ideas and suggestions for using up Christmas leftovers. The comments poured in and as promised I have posted them here, with a few more of my own. Somewhere in this list there should be a few ideas to help you use up the majority of the Christmas goodies.

Continue reading Leftover Lottery – Reader Suggestions for Christmas Leftovers

Leftover Lottery – Dutch-Style Kroketten (Croquettes)

A croquette is a sausage-shaped roll of mashed potato mixed with meaty morsels and then deep-fried and they are fab-u-lous for using up christmas leftovers. Croquettes made with turkey and gravy are almost an institution throughout the southern states of America following Thanksgiving, and I recommend them to you.

Well I would, if I hadn’t found the Dutch version of croquettes first of all.

Continue reading Leftover Lottery – Dutch-Style Kroketten (Croquettes)

Leftover Lottery – Timballo

From Sicily, a timballo is a round pasta-coated ‘cake’ which provides the perfect casing for a savoury egg-based custard flavoured with all sorts of ingredients. As the eggs cook, so it sets in a similar way to a frittata, meaning you can cut the ‘cake’ into wedges for the perfect lunch or picnic food. Regardless of what you add to it – ham and cream, turkey and mushroom, roasted vegetables – it is the perfect way to use leftovers.

There are two ways to make this, one using long pasta such as thick spaghetti, bucatini or fettuccine, the other with short tubular pasta such as rigatoni or wide penne. Continue reading Leftover Lottery – Timballo