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Day 6 – Kylie Kwong's Soy-Roasted Pork Belly


We all love it, but it has to be done well. You know the sort – lightly salted, crispy, golden, with a crunch that shatters across your tongue into a thousand shards.

Sadly, I don’t always get the results I want, I except you don’t either. Continue reading Day 6 – Kylie Kwong's Soy-Roasted Pork Belly

Day 2 – Spiced Pineapple Salad

Once, pineapple was a winter fruit, something that seemed to appear from the far north when the rest of the country shivered. Now, the sweetest varieties appear in spring and summer, making this the perfect fruit to enjoy on the hottest of days. Continue reading Day 2 – Spiced Pineapple Salad

Christmas – Roast Pork with all the Trimmings

This meal is the main meal for the $80 Family Favourites Christmas Lunch for 6 people.

Links to the full menu and prep guides will be published at the end of the week.


Roast Pork is everyone’s favourite and many a family enjoys it at Christmas instead of turkey. You can buy both large and small cuts at this time of year and you are bound to find a joint of meat that suits your budget.

From slabs of budget-priced pork belly to fat standing rib roasts, the way you cook pork is much the same: turn the heat up for a half hour to get the crackling crisping up nicely, then turn the oven down to cook the meat slowly to tender perfection. Continue reading Christmas – Roast Pork with all the Trimmings

Day 6 – Pork and Lime San Choy Bow

San Choy Bow is a fantastic meal for families – you can eat it with your fingers, you can hide extra vegetables for unsuspecting fussy eaters and it makes good use of the much-maligned iceberg lettuce. Fact is, iceberg lettuce is at a reasonable price at the moment, and pork mince – or chicken mince  if you prefer – is never very expensive. The rest are ingredients you can add to your next stir-fry or fried rice and will never go to waste. Continue reading Day 6 – Pork and Lime San Choy Bow

Barbecue Peach Sauce

Oh my goodness me, this is good.

Not surprisingly the recipe comes from peach country in the southern states of the US. To combine it in barbecued food is heavenly. You can add this as a side to grilled chicken or  even flat mushrooms, but its best when brushed over pork, marinaded for a few hours, then baked or barbecued. Think chops, american-style spare ribs or pork scotch fillets. Continue reading Barbecue Peach Sauce

Day 14 – Mandi's Slow Cooked Pork Chops

My friend and I met through an online world, as so many of my friendships have started and then we met in person a few weeks later, already firm friends.

Whenever I head to the Central Coast for a visit, a  breakfast with her in our favourite beach side café is always one of the first things I arrange.

Earlier this year I stayed at her place for a couple of nights and late into the evening, with perhaps one too many gins in me I attempted to write down a recipe she gave me.

When I came back to it, sober and now back in Melbourne, I could barely make out the recipe, written as it was in a list with no instructions.

Good job I used common sense to decipher it. Continue reading Day 14 – Mandi's Slow Cooked Pork Chops

Day 4 – Slow Roasted Pork Belly

Roast Pork has much to recommend it – it’s universally popular amongst your carnivore friends and family, it’s reasonably priced throughout the country and, provided you follow a couple of important steps, it provides sensational results every time.

And by sensational, I mean perfectly crispy  crackling sitting on top of succulent and tender meat. With so much flavour and wow factor going on, roast pork does best when it’s served simply, alongside some great veg, some apple sauce, a fennel or white bean purée, some well-made gravy. It really doesn’t need a lot of adornment.

All this, and it practically cooks on its own, leaving you valuable time to get on with other things. Like chatting with your friends for example.

This dish was the main course at my recent Good Friday lunch, following on from the beetroot and apple salad. With nine people to feed, I bought two pieces of pork belly, each weighing about 1.2kg – there was plenty to go round. I bought my pork from the fabulous Jonai Farms, and they were happy to deliver to my home the day before (in exchange for a coffee and a chat). Yes it was pricey but oh my goodness, the flavour, the tenderness of the meat!  These are ethically raised animals who have a wonderful and happy life and the care and attention paid to their welfare translates as sweet and succulent pork. Continue reading Day 4 – Slow Roasted Pork Belly

Day 5 – Best-Ever Rigatoni and Meatballs

How on earth is it that after almost 900 recipes here, and another 100 for my book, that I have not written a recipe for good old pasta and meatballs?

Is it because we’ve forgotten the classics? Is it because we’re spoilt for choice and meal options? Is it because, with the prevailing trends for Peruvian food, dude food, meal trucks, pop-up restaurants and our continuing love affair with asian ingredients that we have simply over-looked it?

Of course we have over-looked it. Continue reading Day 5 – Best-Ever Rigatoni and Meatballs

Day 5 – Moroccan-Style Pork Kebabs

I generally don’t encourage people to store lots of pre-packaged foods in their cupboards, but I’m also very pragmatic: People have busy lives and long recipes with complicated steps for a mid-week meal will put people off.

So if I invite people to consider marinating meat in a spice mix with lots of ingredients, I run the risk of them moving on to the next, less complicated dish. It’s a delicate balancing act, and a constant one at that.

This is a meal that at first looks as if it has a lot of ingredients and therefore a long to-do list that follows. The really great thing is that you can make your own moroccan-based spice mixture, use some in this recipe, and then use up the rest over the next month whenever you feel like couscous, a barbecue, a fish stew or a lentil-based harira soup.

Continue reading Day 5 – Moroccan-Style Pork Kebabs

Day 7 – Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork and Onion Jam Rolls

Photo courtesy Indirect Heat

It’s the Grand Final weekend. There wouldn’t be an Australian on the planet who doesn’t know exactly what I mean by those four words. It instantly engenders a tribal response, closely followed by a desire to either gather round the TV with as many other fans as possible, or stay away at all possible costs.

Wherever you are, the last Saturday in September (or the first Sunday in October for those in NRL states) is a sporting weekend. It’s a time when your local teams, from the Under 7s and onwards, are all gathering for the last great hurrah, closely followed by a crowd of shrieking, hollering supporters or rather, shrieking, hollering and hungry supporters.

Now, if you are hosting an epic footy party, you could go down the traditional barbecue route, but that relies on one person tearing themselves away from the TV to fire things up. You could heat up some pies and sausage rolls, or put on the slow-cooker and feed everyone at the end of the afternoon. Or you could make these up-market roast pork rolls, present them at half-time and, assuming everyone will be holding one of these in one hand and a beer in the other, wait for the compliments to roll in.

Continue reading Day 7 – Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork and Onion Jam Rolls