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Day 13 – Spinach and Fetta Rolls

 Blame my son. He turned up in Melbourne recently with his girlfriend and after introductions were made – and a soothing cup of tea to ease my acute nerves – he gently told me both of them were vegetarian. To which my response was, ‘Yes, and?’

I think we can safely say I have that side of things covered off.  And while I didn’t bat an eyelid, it was a good excuse as any to make a round of these rolls on what turned out to be the first really cold day of the year.  Continue reading Day 13 – Spinach and Fetta Rolls

Day 2 – Salmon and Spinach Quiche

“Sandra, N has invited you to lunch, only she didn’t have your number so she asked me to ask you.”

“Oh, that’s great, what’s her number so I can reply?”

“I’ll send it to you.”

[Eight days later, and just one day before the party, I finally get N’s number]

“Hi N, it’s Sandra, I’ve only just got your number, but I would love to come tomorrow. What do you want me to bring?”

“That’s great! It’s a very casual affair, just bring cheezels, or lollies”

“Oh, so you don’t want me to bring the salmon quiche that’s now cooling on the bench?”

“That will also be wonderful!”

Gosh, I love take-me-as-I-am friendships.

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Breakfast – Spinach, Bacon and Bocconcini Frittata

A fridge raid at the end of the week can sometimes provide wonderful results provided you feel confident about your ability to use the leftovers in your next few dishes.

The key to success for me lies in knowing what flavours complement each other. While I had capsicum, spinach, bacon and bocconcini that all needed using up, I wasn’t so sure of the result. After all, I knew that while bacon goes very well with spinach, I wasn’t so sure it wouldn’t be too bossy for lightly flavoured bocconcini.

As it turns out, this is a wonderful big-flavoured meal, perfect for breakfast alongside some toast or roasted tomatoes. It doesn’t need a lot more given it’s bang full of flavour notes with no one ingredient out-doing the other. The last thing one needs at a leisurely breakfast is a heated argument between competing personalities. Continue reading Breakfast – Spinach, Bacon and Bocconcini Frittata

Day 12 – Spring Vegetable Risotto

The day I made this risotto, three loads of washing dried in record time, the air was heavily scented with jasmine and I had an urge to spring clean. This meal at the end of such a productive day only confirmed my instinct to turn my face to the sun and embrace the promise of bounty ahead.

There is something imperceptibly heart warming about food choices at this time of year. Just one or two weeks into September and early spring produce is already on the shelves. It’s impossible not to think of lighter food that takes advantage of these fresh green beauties, no matter if the weather hasn’t really sorted itself out.

Rather than weigh the whole affair down with lots of parmesan and cooking the rice to a gelatinous mass, I’ve erred on the side of fresh green produce – lots of it. There is almost double what I would normally put in a risotto, reducing the need for extra rice. It is satisfying without the clogging effect on our  stomachs. It’s ideal if you want to walk it off in the lengthening spring evenings. Jasmine scented air is optional.

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Day 6 – Spring Lentil and Spinach Soup

My lovely friend Jazmin has moved to the northern climes of sub-tropical NSW but often travels south to visit friends and to work. Last week we were all under the one roof with mutual friends, five gypsies bought together by circumstance. When she left to head home, she said, “I’ve bought some spinach and broccoli, use it up. Broccoli makes a great soup.” Continue reading Day 6 – Spring Lentil and Spinach Soup

Breakfast – Potato Rosti with Florentine Eggs

This is the first weekend I have spent in this new town since moving here two weeks ago and I intend to spend it exploring. So far, it has yielded unexpected delights – a weekly Farmer’s Market, a post office that is open on a Saturday, some antique and old wares shops and about 85 cafés and small restaurants, all offering  brilliant breakfast fare. This morning I stopped at a café that offered a bowl-sized cup of coffee and a self-described ‘big arse breakfast’.

Oh, how we love that.

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Day 13 – Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne

EDIT: With english spinach at regular cheap prices, this really is a great standby to have when the budget is tight and you can’t really afford a large steak. Not only that, but it freezes very well. Make one  and freeze for later in the working week. It’s no wonder that since I posted this recipe in the very first fortnight of this blog, it’s been consistently popular.

There are a number of people who refuse to eat their vegetables, and I’m not just talking about toddlers. Grown men have been known to say, “I’m not eating THAT”. Maybe this will help convert the nay-sayers.

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Day 2 – BLT Linguine

This started out as a recipe called spaghetti with bacon, spinach and tomato, and then I realised what I was actually making and the name just dropped into place. Whatever you call it, this is a fabulous use of the seasonal produce around.

In particular, enjoy tomatoes (and capsicums) while you can – prices are likely to shoot up to record levels within a few weeks and stay that way until Christmas, thanks to some charitable soul who poisoned the entire crop of tomato  and capsicum seedlings in two nurseries in Queensland about eight weeks ago. That’s around 40% of the national tomato seed stock. Forty. Percent.

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Breakfast – Gozleme

From football stadiums to neighbourhood farmer’s markets to the Royal Easter Show, this is one of the best stall-food in this country and increasing in popularity as people discover how beautiful, fresh and tasty this Turkish street food is.

You can fill this with lamb and fetta, but I love it best with silverbeet and fetta, eaten piping hot with a large slurp of lemon juice over the top. You can make the bread dough in your breadmaker and you can also use a flat-iron sandwich press to make the sandwiches for a late morning brunch, but the best way by far is to cook them over a hot barbecue plate. Continue reading Breakfast – Gozleme

Day 5 – Spinach and Fetta Rolls

Spinach and fetta rolls are a popular alternative to sausage rolls and very useful for taking advantage of cheap spinach I bought earlier in the week and some fetta that needed using up. You can have these warm or cold, for dinner with vegies or in a lunchbox the next day. They are perfect, portable and filling.

Makes 6 large rolls

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