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Desserts – Quick Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding

Hungry days are the most nostalgic. Perhaps my stomach connects to my heart via memory, but it always seems to be the food of memory that tastes the best. Strawberries don’t taste as sweet as those I pilfered in my father’s garden when I was little. They don’t grow tomatoes that taste they way they once did.

And so it goes.

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Dessert – Steamed Apple Pudding with Cinnamon Butter Sauce

I love a good steamed pudding but it’s a fine art to navigate the way between lumpen coma-inducing stodge and airy, light and fluffy cake. In addition, the inclusion of apples, and in this case, some rather delicious syrup, makes it especially important that there be a lightness of touch. A steamed pudding-lite, if you will.

So, to apples. There are a number of ways to go when pairing apples. With blackberries. With a rich, almost burnt, toffee syrup. Or with cinnamon.

In the end I included a cinnamon butter sauce in this mixture because as much as we all love toffee, making a sugar syrup tends to terrify most home cooks. Also, blackberries are out of season for now.

I made this, put it in the steamer, then walked away from the kitchen for almost two hours. It’s the perfect dessert for slow cooking or lazy weekend foods and it can then be sliced and re-heated in the microwave later in the week when you need speed on your side. Too easy.

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