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Day 8 – Chicken with Spicy Yoghurt

This post was first published four years ago, but deserves revisiting – it’s a marvellous way to dress up chicken, but can also flavour lamb cutlets.

Don’t be alarmed by the garish yellow pigment in this finished meal: Yoghurt is a superb tenderiser for meat and adds a subtlety to meat not always associated with spicy foods.

Mix dried spices into yoghurt, then marinate chicken pieces for a delicious change to the everyday. This flavour base is Moroccan-inspired, but you can just as easily add turmeric, chilli, cardamom, coriander and fennel seeds for a curry based spice rub. Continue reading Day 8 – Chicken with Spicy Yoghurt

Day 2 – Lamb Koftas with Tzatziki

In the middle of a heatwave that bore down on the country and threatened to press us all down with suffocating radiant pressure, when firies were on high alert and Tasmania burned and when the heat crept up through the floorboards and into the wall cavities of the house, I called for a Family Meal.

It was forty three degrees outside but I was desperate. In truth, none of us, mother or child, could remember the last time the three of us had sat down at the same time to Eat Mum’s Food.

Aiming for unashamed sentimentality and going for the populist vote, I decided on lamb for mains and mango for dessert. Then I went shopping for something that could both fit into a tight budget and not add to the heat of the day.

Lamb rarely makes it onto this website mainly because of price, but I found 500g of lamb mince for $5.00 that then made 12 koftas, enough for 4 people. A double amount of koftas will easily feed six greedy people or a few hungry teenagers.

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Sweet Treats – Lemon Drizzle Cake

There is something tremendously reassuring about a well-made and reliable cake recipe. The more we are bombarded with confectionery creations from world-beating pastry chefs, the more we are coerced by TV shows into thinking that old-fashioned nanna recipes are naff, the more I am convinced that cakes like this need to be made every weekend. Forever.

This lemon cake is how it should be. There’s a tremendous punch of flavour from lemons here but it’s offset nicely by yoghurt which makes the texture incredibly soft. Best of all it has a beautiful syrup that leaves you licking your fingers with eagerness to savour the very last crumbs on your plate. It’s that good.

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Basics – Homemade Greek-Style Yoghurt

Making your own yoghurt is a very popular money-saving activity for thrifty cooks, but in this country we tend to stick to commercial thickening agents available on supermarket shelves to give us a home-made and cheaper alternative to the commercial yoghurts available.

Then I received an email from Lisa who describes the way her mother and grandmother routinely make their yoghurt and suddenly, I have done away with commercial yoghurts – and yoghurt-making premixed powders – for good.

And all for the cost of a litre of milk.

There’s all sorts of recipes out there – if such a thing as making yoghurt could be described as a recipe – and it can get as technical as you want, but blessedly Lisa has gone for the simple approach. There is no talk of thermometers here, no steaming or bottling, or any need for equipment that you don’t have. Continue reading Basics – Homemade Greek-Style Yoghurt